Vampillia – Lilac (bombs Jun Togawa)

Toshikazu Tamura and ONIONSKIN present the animated music video “Lilac (bombs Jun Togawa)” by Vampillia.

Takashi Ohashi gives us some retro vector animated goodness

Most of you are probably too young to remember the home video game called the Vectrex, but it’s clear Takashi Ohashi has fond feelings for it.  His latest music video puts a 3D spin on the retro Vectrex look.


What do you think?

Animator Koichiro Tsujikawa

Originally found on FEED

Tsujikawa Koichiro is a experimental animator and commercial director from Japan. He recently created the following music video.


The band is Called Cornelius.  You can visit their MySpace page HERE.

Head over to his website to view more music videos, commercials and short films: Tsujikawa Koichiro