Japancast Quick Lesson #2 – JLPT Level 4

For the next few lessons we’re going to focus on vocabulary words that you’ll need to pass JLPT Level 4. 

If you’ve never taken the JLPT, you’ll be surprised at how many of these words you might already know.  Hopefully it’ll give you the confidence to apply for the test.


Japanese Quick Lesson #2

Japanese Lesson #78 – Learn Japanese @

Sorry we’ve been off for so long.  Lots of “stuff” is going on in our lives.  If you are a subscription donator, please send Hitomi your questions and let her know you are a subscriber – we will always make an extra effort to answer your questions ASAP.  We truly appreciate your support and understanding.


Japanese Lesson #78

Japanese Lesson #76 – Learn Japanese @

Unfortunately the first Lesson 76 was killed by my computer.  Hitomi kindly re-recorded it today, so it’s missing the intro music, etc.  We’re going to take the summer off, but subscription donators will still get episodes sent via email.  We’ll see you in the fall!

Japanese Lesson #76