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Learn to speak Japanese – CoWorker Conversations Lesson 01

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Classic Japanese Commercials

I just came across this site via Cartoon Brew.  It’s simply amazing.  Take your lunch break and spend some time watching some of these – it’s a great look into the history of Japanese advertising.

From Cartoon Brew:

Here’s one for the history buffs: a link to a fascinating online archive of fifty vintage Japanese animated commercials.

This site is part of an on-line exhibition showcasing domestic life in Japan during the “Showa” period (the Hirohito era, 1926-89). Japan’s Research Institute for Digital Media and Content (DMC Institute) digitized of a large collection of TV advertisements obtained from the Momoya Co., a leading food company. The collection consists of 218 animated TV spots that date back to 1953. Of the 50 pieces posted on-line, the earliest one was produced in 1958. These provide a glimpse at a rarely discussed early phase of anime history