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The year is drawing to a close and things are winding down here in Osaka. Final exams at my school are finished and the students only come in for half-days until the second semester officially ends about a week from now. It’s been an unusually warm winter thus far and though it doesn’t feel too […]


皆さん、久しぶりですね!The first half of the second semester is over and mid-term exams start today. I’ve mostly been just teaching classes and studying for the JLPT but the early fall is not a time without its fun and interesting events. Before the second semester begins in earnest my school has its annual culture festival, usually on […]


It’s summer vacation and to escape the sweltering Osaka heat I went to Hokkaido for a few days with a couple of friends. Sapporo was a really cool town, both literally and figuratively. We enjoyed the annual beer festival in 大通公園 (おおどおりこうえん/Odori Park) and ate lots of good food like ジンギスカン (Genghis Khan). Traveling outside […]