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Did you know that Flamenco is immensely popular in Japan? Thousands of pilgrims visit Andalusia in Spain to practice the unique Spanish art form. Many Japanese Flamenco students have returned to Japan to open dance studios where the heart-and-emotion driven dance and music style are taught and perfected. In fact, some of the world’s best […]

成人式 (関西) – [Coming of Age Day Ceremony] Part II

  Continued … Upon bidding farewell to sweet Matsuda-san, Osaka Ali crossed the railroad tracks on his way to city hall. More brightly colored kimonos signaled to him that he wasn’t too late. Immediately he was captivated by the image of a dashing young man wearing a white kimono and golden hakama … 秋 – […]

成人式 (関西) – [Coming of Age Day Ceremony] Part I

Today is coming of age day, and Osaka Ali was on the scene at the local city hall to document the festivities. Newly minted young men in their traditional wear or western-style suits and new women in elegant kimono graced the downtown, bidding farewell to childhood and hopefully expecting what awaits them in their life […]