One of the marks of a true anime otaku is to seek out and visit locations from their favorite anime.  In the case of the Dougo Onsen, you can visit the magical bathhouse of Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi.  Miyazaki used the exterior as the basis for his designs for the film.  The onsen itself has been around for over 1000 years, and is located in an area that has a 3000 year history of hot spring spas.

Dougo Onsen is open most days of the week from 6am until 11pm.  It’s located at 〒790-0842 Ehime Prefecture, Matsuyama, 道後湯之町5−6.  They offer rooms for rent and “Dougo-kan” specific food in their restaurant.  Furthermore they have a tea room, bar, and souvenir shop.

As we’ve mentioned previously in our podcast, tattoos are normally associated with criminal activity in Japan and many onsen will not allow you to use the facilities if you have any visible tattoos.  If you have a tattoo, it would be extremely wise to contact any onsen before you visit to know their policies.