Mr. Manners (Mister マナー)

Mr. Manners has a friendly message for you…

Mr. Manners (Mister マナー) is your friendly cartoon character offering the uncouth all of the right tips to a civil express-train travel experience.

He greets you from the on-train advertising on the Nankai-Koya line in Osaka with his friendly smile, crisp green-framed glasses and M-logo utility belt. Check out his futuristic gettup with retro moonboots … He seems to point the way to intergalactic societal harmony. And of course, you can tell that he is well schooled in the intricacies of proper commuter etiquette. Obey and absorb what he says because he’s a model futurist.

What kind of soundtrack would you use if you were producing an animated PSA for Mr. Manners? Fusion Jazz? Electronica? Bossa Nova? 60’s era Moog music? ….. Ska?

But back to seriousness, what lessons does Mr. Manners have for us?

1. Keep the headphone volume down, lest you disturb your follow passengers…
2. Line up in two rows while awaiting your train in queue…
3. Throw your trash and recyclables in the proper receptacles (there are four … newspaper & magazines, pet bottles, glass bottles & cans and … other)
4. Mind your oversize bags… Other people need their space too, you know…

Yes, Mr. Manners cheerily offers the way to pleasant train riding for all travelers. Thank you Mr. Manners!


Osaka Ali

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