Japancast HD Video Episode 14 – Learn Japanese @ Japancast.net

In this episode we cover Bleach 286 and viewer questions.

Japancast HD Video Episode 014 from Hitomi Griswold on Vimeo.

Below are links to things we talked about in this episode:

Japancast iPhone/iPod Touch App – Free Version

Learn Hiragana and Katakana for free on Japancast.net

Bleach Uncut Season 1 Box Set (Standard Edition)

Bleach Uncut Season 2 Box Set

Bleach Uncut Season 3 Box Set: The Rescue

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  1. mammothb
    mammothb says:

    hi, i’m watching this while i type this, i think the word welcome in japanese is spelled wrongly, unless you weren’t trying to spell that. at 0:57, you spelled よこそ, but shouldn’t welcome be ようこそ?cuz when i checked the dictionary i can’t find a word with the pronouciation of よこそ:/

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