Free Ga-Anime online!

I’m always looking for interesting animation online – specifically Japanese animation.  Ga-Anime is a really interesting concept, and now they’re offering episodes online for free.  They’re fairly low-res, but you can’t beat the price!

Similar to comics, ga-nime will be composed of a series of static pictures accompanied by music and speech. This “limited-anime” approach leaves behind the complex plot and characters found in most anime, and aims to stimulate the audience’s imagination through various techniques such as the manipulation of time between each picture.

Usually creating an anime requires many staffs and an expensive budget, making it difficult for the artist to manage the project on his or her own, which results in a lack of creativity and coordination in most anime series.

Unlike anime, ga-nime will limit the number of images used in each series, allowing the artist to better integrate his or her own style and feelings into the project. This new form of media has immense potential for pushing the level of style and creativity found in artworks to a whole new level.    -Source

View them online here:


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