VUDU now has anime in Japanese!

I’m not a huge Apple fanboy like a lot of folks these days. I have an iPod and Hitomi has an iPhone, but other than that we’re Apple-free here. I always thought the AppleTV sounded like a great idea, but it’s been implemented in a terrible way. So, instead I got a Vudu, which is very similar to the AppleTV except for two major differences: 1. the movies, TV shows, and even HD movies, play instantly – there’s no waiting for the downloads. 2. there’s about 5X as much content on the Vudu as there is on AppleTV.

The biggest drawback so far is the selection of Japanese language films & TV shows was pretty lackluster. They have a few movies, certainly more than you’ll find in your local rental store, but nothing in the way of OAVs or TV shows. Well, tonight I checked the catalog and to my surprise found “Ramen Fighter Miki” as one of the TV shows available.

My biggest concern was this: DUBBED or SUBBED? And, the answer is a good one – it is subtitled!

I know absolutely nothing about this anime. I just purchased the first episode and came in to write this post. If you care to share anything about the series, please comment.

Great job Vudu! If you’ve been thinking of getting an AppleTV, give Vudu a shot and support their Japanese-language programming! If they see a demand for it, we’ll see more and more anime available.

I’m off to watch some anime!

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