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Japanese Lesson #67 – Video Edition!

Greetings everyone! Time for our first video podcast. Of course, this didn’t go off without problems. Noticeably are the following: The sound just stinks. I left our big screen TV on in the room, so you can see flickering on us. Also, because we’re not encoding the show live it took a few days to get it put together. Adobe Premier couldn’t read the file generated by our camera, so I ended up bringing the files to work (shhh don’t tell my boss!).

Hopefully despite all the shortcomings you enjoy our first video podcast.

Japanese Lesson #67

Naruto, Death Note, Bleach Coming to Amazon Unbox

From: AWN Headline News

January 28, 2008


VIZ Media has announced the availability of three of its most popular animated action series — NARUTO UNCUT, DEATH NOTE and BLEACH — for digital download from Amazon Unbox, Amazon’s digital video download service. This service can be found at www.amazon.com/unbox.

NARUTO UNCUT, DEATH NOTE and BLEACH are available now with episodes costing $1.99 each. NARUTO UNCUT initially features episodes 1-25 dubbed, DEATH NOTE features the full series dubbed, and BLEACH features episodes 1-25 dubbed. One free episode from each of the available properties is being offered on www.amazon.com/unbox through Jan. 31, 2008.

“VIZ Media has had a long and successful retail relationship with Amazon.com and we are excited to team with its premier digital download channel, Unbox, to make available some of the hottest animated series sweeping North America,” says Liza Coppola, SVP, Marketing, VIZ Media. “”We are committed to maximizing the ability of the dynamic medium of digital delivery to bring hot series like NARUTO UNCUT, DEATH NOTE and BLEACH to fans who want the flexibility and convenience of digital download.”

For more information, visit www.VIZ.com.