Manga Entertainment Launches Broadband Video Site

Top-selling Anime Brand launches new multi-faceted entertainment site with
100s of videos for free, ad-supported viewing

Los Angeles and New York – October 26, 2007 – Starz Media’s
Manga Entertainment today announced the launch of its new streaming video entertainment
website, The new destination site includes a unique blend of video,
product-related information and other editorial content that will deliver a customized
user experience to a wide range of users; from product-hungry anime-fans to web-video
enthusiasts looking for their daily fix of sexy animation, killer kill shots,
crazy monsters and masterful samurais.

Beginning today, fans of the cutting-edge animation in Manga Entertainment’s
library of anime will experience video in multiple ways, from such popular TV,
movie and other video titles as “Ghost in the Shell”, “Ninja
Scroll,” “Street Fighter,” “Dead Leaves,” “Blood:
The Last Vampire” and “Castle of Cagliostro,” among many others.

“Over the past year, we’ve steadily increased the number of ways
users can experience our Manga-branded anime content. The launch of
is a further extension of our strategy to deliver this content to users whenever,
however and in whatever form they want it,” said Marc DeBevoise, Starz
Media’s senior vice president, business development and strategy, who engineered
this and previous Manga Entertainment deals.

The launch of complements a recent series of both new and traditional
media distribution agreements for Starz Media and Manga Entertainment. On TV,
Manga Entertainment is responsible for SCI FI’s “Animonday” block
of programming (airing Monday’s at 11pm), which delivers new and classic
anime TV series and movies. Starz Media recently announced a short-form, ad-supported
Manga Entertainment content deal with and long-form, transaction-based
agreements with Amazon and Xbox LIVE. Starz Media also has digital distribution
deals in place with such services as BitTorrent, Guba, IGN’s Direct2Drive,
Netflix and Starz’s own Vongo.

“ was developed with the fan in mind but also to be used as
a discovery mechanism for new users just being introduced to anime and the Manga
brand,” added David Katz, Director, Digital Media for Starz Media. “We
really want the site to be accessible to anyone who might be interested in this

The features of include:

  • Engaging Original Content – delivers original entertainment
    from a unique library of anime-style animation.
  • Programmed Channel Experience – Specialized channels deliver the
    hottest clips from the Manga library organized by a fan-favorite theme, including:

    • Babes:
      The hottest eye candy from the Manga catalog.
    • Mecha: Robots, machines, and all
      things cybernetic.
    • Kill Shots: Decapitations, exploding torsos, and blood galore.
    • Samurai: Heroes
      from feudal Japan and beyond battle sinister villains.
    • Monster: Devils, vampires,
      and other supernatural delights.
  • Product Information – is the premiere source for DVD,
    TV and Digital product information on Manga’s titles. Fans can dig down
    to the episode level to find synopses, directors and actors, DVD extras, and
    links to purchase DVD and Digital products.
  • Unique Editorial Perspective – Manga’s new entertainment model
    includes editorial that combines the diverse content from the Manga catalog with
    the voice of its Otaku fans.
  • Dynamic Video Experience –, powered by Brightcove, allows
    fans to view video in a variety of ways. Fans can take advantage of Brightcove’s
    community features to get a link to the video, blog it, email it to friends,
    or even collect an RSS feed of Manga videos posted to the site.
  • Branded Environments
    for Advertisers – Manga offers powerful branded
    opportunities for advertising partners to connect with audiences. Manga channels
    and products can be linked with advertising sponsors as well as distinctive branded
    headers to create unique environments that support the advertiser and genre-specific

Content offerings won’t stop there. plans to launch new content
channels and features on a regular basis, from both its existing catalog, as
well as new Manga titles the company produces and acquires.

Starz Media has chosen the Brightcove Internet TV platform to distribute all
short-form video content on the website, available for free, ad-supported
viewing. “Manga’s roster of anime hits represents an extremely fast-growing
and in-demand category of Internet video content,” said Adam Berrey, vice
president of marketing and strategy, Brightcove. “With Brightcove, Starz
Media is able to bring to market rapidly a large volume of video programming
through its own branded, broadband video destination. We look forward to helping
Starz and Manga expand their distribution and open the door to new revenue opportunities.”

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Japanese Lesson – Special Edition 05

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