Amazing! Lightning hits jet in Osaka

Taken from Coast to Coast:

An animated GIF of the lightning as it strikes the aircraft.



Nobody was hurt and apparently this happens routinely so there’s nothing to fear.  But let me get this straight – an aircraft can take a strike from a bolt of lightning and doesn’t fall out of the sky, but if I turn on my laptop during take-off, we’re all doomed?  Something seems amiss to me.

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  1. Kirone
    Kirone says:

    well it’s more like laptops pda’s and handheld now have a shitload of transmitting units which are able to jam radio frequencies used on the plane. for instance me and my girlfriend both have a gsm-call snitch basically it’s a little keychain that flashes when a gsm or gprs signal passes it. so when i get a call you see it flash but what happened on the plane whenever someone from the crew passed with a traycart or the captain was talking over the intercom it flashed like mad so it’s a known frequency for it.

    also there is a reported case in which a hacker actually hacked the guidance system of the auto-pilot from inside the plane just by turning on his laptop during takeoff (apparently during takeoff they transmit the codes and sorts to the pilot and all and he intercepted those)

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