Why Americans should not cosplay

I’ve basically felt this way for years, but finally someone has put it in to pictures.

Check this out and then let me hear your comments:


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  1. Kirone
    Kirone says:

    although most suck there are also bad asian cosplayers and good american cosplayers aswell
    for instance this cute couple cosplaying as Yuna (Gunner) and Tidus from FFX and FFX-2

    Kiba and Akamaru (Beast Human Transformation Style) – Naruto

    the site you’re pointing to is known for making posts about cosplays and cosplayers that look well dam retarted try to look on sites like cosplay.com or cosplaylab.com and you’ll see there are also alot of good cosplayers out there

    i’ll try to stop by comiket and find you also some examples of japanese people who fail at cosplay

  2. Scarlete
    Scarlete says:

    Because comparing highly photoshopped asian cosplayers with bad American cosplayers is total proof of the superiority of Japan, right?
    Seriously, there are good and bad cosplayers in America. Japanese cosplayers are just more aware of what to wear, while some American cosplayers put their obese asses into skimpy clothes.

  3. jonneh
    jonneh says:

    You know, I’m getting really sick and tired of the whole “Japan is superior” attitude everywhere I go. No matter what it is, Japan is apparently better at it, lest it be some negative trait like obesity. There are good cosplayers in America and there are bas cosplayers in America, and the same exact thing applies to Japan, and anywhere else in the world for that matter. It’s posts like these that make me hesitate to even tell anyone I’m interested in Japan.

  4. Ophelia
    Ophelia says:

    First of all, thanks Kirone for your pictures. I think everyone here needed to see them.

    Second of all, the person who wrote the page to that link, if you were trying to just be funny, then hahaha… BUT, it probably wasn’t the nicest thing to post. The people in those american pictures tried as best as they could (I reckon) to look good in their costumes. Maybe they don’t look perfect, but I think that people cosplay for fun, not for beauty contest.

    Third of all, the pictures that were labeled as “good”, they really are! Much props to the creators of those cosplays!

    Fourth of all, in response to Scarlete’s “American cosplayers put their obese asses into skimpy clothes.” yeah, sadly America is full of fat or overweight people, more so than Japan. Anyone in denial about that, I mean anyone who disagrees with me please read Naomi Moriyama’s “Japanese women don’t get old or fat, secrets to my mother’s Tokyo kitchen”. It’s a very good read, and includes facts pertaining to Japanese diet verses american diet. Naomi talks about what a shock it was to see how much food americans shove into our pie-holes at a time. It’s a really good book.
    ON THE OTHER HAND, according to my sources, the Japanese people currently are not far behind us health-wise, thanks to certain fast food restaurant chains, *ahem* (mickey Ds), becoming more popular and prevalent in asia.

    Fifth of all, it would be wrong to call anyone superior to anyone. I mean, that’s just mean. I do think that America has alot to learn from Japan though. Just as Japan has learned stuff from America.

    Sixth of all, sorry for the long response.

  5. ame_rain
    ame_rain says:

    I thought it was funny and it was for a laugh. people get all uppity when you slag a country. just laugh and take it for what it is. You people read way too much in to things.

    I enjoyed it hahaha. good stuff 🙂

  6. punkgrl326
    punkgrl326 says:

    Omg, that Rei scared me. However, I agree with Jonneh; not every american cosplayer is bad at cosplaying and not every japanese cosplayer is good. It depends on the individual, not their nationality.That was a good laugh though, thanx 🙂

  7. CoffeeBen
    CoffeeBen says:

    I think the more important issue is that people need to respect cosplay if they’re going to put on a costume.

    1 – Be aware of your body type, hair, complexion, face shape, etc. Try to pick characters you already look like.
    2 – Have some respect for the character you’re portraying. Put some effort and creativity into it when you’re getting a costume together. Don’t just draw with a marker on a body-suit or buy an off-the-rack costume. That’s barely even legit for halloween for crying out loud!
    3 – If you’re wearing the character’s costume, act the part. Get in character and have fun being someone you’re usually not.

    Even heavy people can cosplay, they just have to pick the right character and costume. Just look in any edition of NewTypeUSA.

    I actually had a dream last night about randomly being told about a con and thinking, “but I don’t even have a costume! What’ll I do?” So it was funny when I saw this. Truly, guys, some people should just not cosplay but it has more to do with a lack of effort and style than what country they’re from.

    btw, I got a good laugh from the pics. And not all the cosplayers in the superhero babes were that great, they just had a good body. Some were really good though.

    And the Tifa from AC? That was pretty sweet.

    Seriously, guys, if you want to cosplay please put some effort into it or I might have to beat you?! #(O_o)/==O*(>.

  8. kitsune23
    kitsune23 says:

    Those are all interesting comments…
    Hm…in my opinion I do feel that fans have a right to cosplay, whether they are Japanese or American. Not all Americans are bad cosplayers. Some people just place more attention to detail than others… CoffeeBen specifically explains my point.

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