Mr. D in Japan

Hi all,

Yesterday (Saturday) at 9:30 local time (+9GTM) we arrived in Tokyo, Japan. All fun and games for the first hour while waiting for luggage and random customs check and then we exited the airport….. Let me tell you something I don’t complain often but when you come from Holland where the last few weeks we had nothing but rain, thunder and storms and an average temperature of just 20 degrees Celsius (about 68F) you’ll come to notice that Japan is bloody HOOTTTTTT.

When we arrived the local air temperature was just over 35 Celsius (95F) and we had a trip of 45 minutes to Ueno, tired out and warm … correction hot we made our way to Ueno just to realize the map given at the site of Weekly Mansion Tokyo does not match that of Ueno itself. So a trip to the local FedEx-Kinko helped out alot ^^.

Though it was hot and humid it wasn’t that bad, the appartment was just 5 minutes walking from the station and there was about the same amount of vending machines in the 3 streets we saw as in entire Holland, more than enough places to eat and drink.

After some unpacking and showering it was time to discover Ueno. Although I would like to tell you a lot about this place it is kinda hard because
1. Will told a lot
2. I’ve only spent 40 hours or so here

So I will have to keep that one open (though on my own blog there is more info for family mostly) I hope in about a week or so I can not just tell you through a post but also give you a little video tour and all.

Our first night here was great we heard of a matsuri here called the Samida River Hanabi Matsuri. Samida is a river that flows here nearby in the district Asakasa(again video report coming soon) it was only 10 minutes walking. When we arrived there it was packed… and i do mean PACKED with 1.000.000 people expected it felt more like a 0 extra to that figure. Everywhere you looked a sea of people even the roofs were not safe for this massive invasion of people. We stood in a slow moving line not knowing where it goes but like cattle we just followed the leader xD.

After about 30 minutes of standing in the line we found out it was moving towards a bridge of the river so you could see this display of very beautifull firework. We moved at such a pace snails we’re calling us slowpokes and laughing at us but it was worth it, I’ve never in my life seen such firework being displayed. The timing of the explosions, the colors, the shapes it was all so very beautiful.

Today it was Akihabara day – as a true geek I will post a massive video next time for words can not describe what I have seen in the holy land of electronics, anime and cosplay.

For more you can always visit my blog where I keep a little google map with info, images and videos of exact locations and what events there are to do there.

Please visit for more pictures and those of my friends check their livejournals or go to

Drazen / Kirone

Will’s Bobby Paparazzi

Last night at the 浦和祭り (urawa matsuri, summer festival of Urawa city) I by chance spotted one of my favourite Japanese comedian/entertainers, Bobby, and got some sweet paparazzi shots of him.
Bobby is a famous 外人タレント (gaijin tarento, Foreign Talent) who randomly appears on different variety TV programs. Like many other gaijin tarento he makes people laugh mainly but messing up Japanese language and culture. For example he always speaks really informal and sometimes downright rude Japanese no matter what the situation. He refers both to little girls and people clearly his senior as おめえ! (omee, you) (which is his pronounciation of お前 (omae, you)) and あいつ (aitsu, that guy) – ridiculous Japanese. Often he messes up the names of things, like super famous popstar 浜崎あゆみ (Hamasaki Ayumi) for アマグリ カユミさん (Amaguri Kayumi, Itchy Sweet Chestnut) despite apparently being a big fan of hers. I love watching him because of the wierd stuff he says and does. His facial expressions are unbelievable. Watch an interview of Bobby and Japanese pop mega-star Ayumi Hamasaki here:
WATCH AN INTERVIEW OF BOBBY AND AYUMI HAMASAKI HERE (right-click and open in new window).
And below are my two sweet paparazzi shots of Bobby. He lives in the Urawa (now known as Saitama City) in Saitama Prefecture. Because he obviously stands out among Japanese people he is easily and I think often spotted, so most people know that he lives around here.

Japanese Lesson #54 – with show notes!

Since we were out at VBS last week, we’re making this lesson and show notes available to everyone.


Lesson #54

Show notes