Will’s Excursion to Tokyo (東京の遠足) Pt.3

Moving on, we navigated through both JR trains and also the subway to go to Asakusa’s Sensoji (see Wikipedia). On the way Majime fell asleep (Japanese people frequently nap on trains… and in school and pretty much anywhere to tell the truth) so I took some sneaky photos. Doesn’t he look both smart and serious even while he is sleeping?

Click for photo –> Majime sleeping on a train

After arriving at Asakusa we made a beeline for Sensoji Temple. Leading up to the temple there is a long road lined with interesting souvenir and Japanese snack shops. As it was fairly packed we didn’t even look at these though (I’ve seen them before anyway) and snuck down behind the back of all of these shops to quickly arrive out the front of the temple for our photo.

Click for photo –> Asakasa’s Sensoji Temple

After a few minutes rest (outside the temple, we didn’t bother going in) we made our way back up the side street searching for a place to grab lunch on the way. The last time most of us ate was around 6am and it was now between 1 and 2pm so we were after a decent meal. Murusaki had his mind set on ラーメン (‘Ramen’, see Wikipedia) so after briefly searching out immediate area to no avail we asked one of the salespeople where a good ramen place was. She gave us directions to her favourite one. but she shouldn’t have gotten our hopes up as it was shut. The rest of the places were too expensive (as expected of the surrounds of a major tourist destination) so we decided to move on and just eat at another location on the way. Luckily for us we came across a Hanamaru store hidden away just outside the entrance to the road leading up to Sensoji. Hanamaru is a aggressively priced うどん (‘udon’, see Wikipedia) store. We got stuck into the food quickly.

Click for photo –> Eating quickly at Hanamaru

Before moving on I must mention the weirdest building design that I have ever seen and ask someone to please explain it to me. It look like a black stump with some strange yellow thing sitting on top of it. What the?

Click for photo –> Strange building design

We made our way back to the train station and started to head to the Ueno where we would meet the other teams. The photo below shows some of us figuring out what tickets needed to be bought. Luckily I possess a スイカ (‘Suica’, see Wikipedia) and didn’t have to worry about buying any tickets. Two of my team members had purchased an all-day rail pass which was quite convinient as well.

Click for photo –> Buying JR tickets

Arriving within the specificied timeframe (3pm-ish) I, as team leader, went and handed our itenerary and disposable camera that contained the proof or our adventure to our home room teacher. I then got swamped by some of the other second year girls wanting a photograph with my and the HPE teacher. I whipped out my camera in time to get a snap in as well

Click for photo –> Debrief at Ueno

From here we were free to return home by ourselves. It seems that some of my team must have been pretty tired as they left straight away without informing the rest of us! For the ones who were left I gathered us for one final photo. The guy in the middle (‘GPS’) looks fairly worn out I reckon.

Click for photo –> What a fun day!

The four of us returned home by train somewhat tired and with much lighter wallets. The transit around Tokyo cost approximately 3000円 (~$30AU). I certainly enjoyed myself hanging out with these guys but the ‘experiencing Tokyo’ part of the day was a bit ridiculous. We spent the majority of our time in transit on trains between locations and out of the three locations that we did go to only one did we actually explore. Meh, such is life. All in all a fun time was had!

PS. To reward those who have read through these three blogs detailing my Tokyo excursion I will show you a photo that I took at Akihabara two weekends ago of a twenty-something year old guy dressed up in a maid outfit dancing to animé theme songs outside the station. Priceless!
Certainly this is another interesting side to Japanese culture.

Click for photo –> Otaku enjoying himself

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    Sukerkin says:

    Loving the pictures, Will – many thanks for taking the trouble to share :tup:.

    I have to say that the picture “Debrief at Ueno” is just packed with good looking people … {tease}I wonder why you decided to go to [b]that[/b] school 😆 😉 {/tease}

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