What is this?

こたえは、きんようびにはっぴょうしまーす。 おたのしみに!
I will give you the answer on Friday. Good luck!




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  1. Ophelia
    Ophelia says:

    Orie-san, you agree with me 6 times! lol…

    I think it looks like squid but the striations confuse me. Although I have seen squid before that looks cut funny. I can’t remember what it’s called. I had it in Japan at a restaurant. (I have also seen it in the frozen section at the asian store.) I don’t know if the cuts were natural shape of the squid or if the chef cut them to make it look fancy. (I should’ve taken a picture like Hitomi so you could see what I mean.)

  2. Orie
    Orie says:

    ごめのさい!! It must take 24 hours to post my comment because nothing showed up after I clicked the “Submit Comment” button. I thought there was something wrong.

  3. Ophelia
    Ophelia says:

    I think you mean ごめなさい.You typed ごめのさい. And that’s ok! (^-^) Sometimes it takes a while for your posts here to show up. However, at the discussion forums, your posts go up immediately.
    You like squid? So do I! Mmmm… oishii! Today when I went to the asian store, there were fresh large squid in the meat case.

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