Nintendo DS Lite teaches you to make cook Japanese food!

Well, normally I attribute where I get an article from, but since the site I am taking this from uses a nasty racial slur against the Japanese, I’ll just post the info.  The page owner can sue me if he wants.

Nintendo has come out with a package called the Nintendo DS Cooking Navigator, which has over 200 recipes for Japanese food.  A company called Hori Corp has come up with a stand called the “Play Stand” to set your DS up while you cook.  It sells for around $15.
I have no info on the cost of the cooking software, but I’m sure it’s available in Akihabara like a lot of other cool things we’ll never see here!

Nintendo Cooking!

Nintendo Cookbook on the DS

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  1. Ophelia
    Ophelia says:

    Paul-san, kore wa nandesu ka? Is it a cookbook? With a stand? Sugoine~!
    Nihonjin wa itsumo ii kangae wo motte imasu! (^-^) (Japanese people always
    have good ideas!)

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