Japanese game show – this really hurts!

One of our forum members forwarded this one to me.  OUCH!!!  Perhaps we can sell something like this to force our male listeners to learn Japanese more quickly!

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LRNJ – Learn Japanese in an RPG

Well, since learning Japanese is our main focus here, I’m always looking for fun ways to learn.  Someone sugggested a site called LRNJ.com.  I checked it out and it’s really a great idea.

Here’s what the author says about it:

The goal of Project LRNJ is to make LeaRNing Japanese fun and easy with a retro-style RPG: Slime Forest.

The game is still under development, but many students already find it useful, and it can currently teach you katakana, hiragana, and over a thousand kanji, essential character recognition for reading Japanese.

So head over to LRNJ.com and support this innovative project!


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Ouch – Michael J. Fox in a Japanese commercial

What the???


This comes from Japander.com, where they apparently have a ton of commercials starring western actors in all sorts of bad ads.