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  1. Ophelia
    Ophelia says:

    私はこの映画を見みたいよ!いつそれはDVDにありますか?(I want to see this movie!
    When will it be on DVD?)

    I am not sure if I conjugated ‘want to see’ correctly. I was going for the
    polite present tense form of 見 (see/watch).

  2. paulrus
    paulrus says:

    I think you may have an extra mi in there. I think you want 見たい. Also, I’d need Hitomi to confirm, but I think when you say something “wo mitai” it means “looks like” (but I could be totally wrong, because I usually drop most of my particles and hope that Hitomi just understands what I mean).

  3. Ophelia
    Ophelia says:

    ありがとポウルさん、I suspected that I had an extra mi in there, but wasn’t
    sure. You ever have one of those days when you just can’t spell? That’s how I
    felt. Doi! lol…
    As for “looks like”, I could also be wrong, so Hitomi, if you are there,
    please tell us. But, I think “looks like” would be 身せたい (misetai).

  4. paulrus
    paulrus says:

    You may be right there, but mitai can have 2 meanings. It can mean “want to see” and can mean “looks like”. If you remember in Totoro, Satsuki and Mei say that the house they are moving into: “おばけやしきを見たい。”  Meaning, it looks like a haunted house.

    As for Misetai, I’m not sure. I know that misete and mitte (or is it mite? I forget when to use the chisai tsu) are nearly interchangeable. Both mean “look here”.

  5. paulrus
    paulrus says:

    Hey – the good news is you were right all along – you need wo in that sentence. Without wo it means “looks like” but with the wo it means “want to see”. Hitomi just confirmed it for me.

    Particles are such a pain!!!

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