Toilet – Sink combo

Here’s something that I experienced for the first time when I was in Japan. But when you think about it, what a great idea – it saves space and saves water. I don’t know why we don’t have these here in America – at least in apartments and condos.

What do you guys think?


You wash your hands with the clean water & then it drains into the tank where it’s used later to flush. I found these to be very common in Japan.

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  1. fiddler
    fiddler says:

    すごいです。 I remember these from a friend’s house in しんじゅく (Shinjuku), and in a hotel while on a ski trip. They weren’t that common, but common enough. I keep thinking that it would be a good idea for a bathroom that has very limited space. It wouldn’t take much to make one out of a conventional American toilet tank. Paul, do you happen know if this is by the Toto company? It would be interesting to find a parts list. – グレグ

  2. Hitomi
    Hitomi says:

    Well, this type of toilet is fairly common in Japan, but that stuff is usually for just washing hands.
    You would not brush your teeth there. Personally I am not crazy about it since the water will splash everywhere when you try to wash your hands.

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