Hitomi’s Nihongo Diary – Special Edition!

April 8 was our anniversary.

We enjoyed our long weekend while Paul’s family was taking care of our kids.

First, we got up early and went to iHop for breakfast. iHop is my favorite restaurant.

After breakfast, we went to Borders – a book store.

Since we did not have kids with us, we were able to spend more time there checking out our favorite books.

次に向かったのは、The Lincoln Museum。素晴らしいコレクションが展示されていて、とても興味深かったです。
Next we went to The Lincoln Museum. They had wonderful collections there and it was very interesting.




お次はBotanical Conservatoryへ。たくさんの珍しい植物を見てきました。
We went to Botanical Conservatory next. We saw a lot of rare plants there.



お腹が少し減ったので、Cindy’s Dinerで昼食を取りました。
We got a little hungry, so we had our lunch at Cindy’s Diner.

Paul ordered a cheese burger and a chocolate malted milkshake and I ordered coleslaw, onion rings, a piece of rhubarb pie and a strawberry malted milkshake. (What a combination!)

This diner is very small and they can only serve 15 people at a time.

The food was great and this 50′ s style diner was fun!

お腹がいっぱいになった後は、Old City Hall Historical Museumへ。
After we got full, we were off to Old City Hall Historical Museum.



Fort Wayneの歴史がよく分かって、良かったです。
I have learned a lot about Fort Wayne’s history and it was good.

次に向かったのは、Art Museum。
Next we went to Art Museum.

They had several art work of Japanese artists and it was quite interesting.

Since we had a few hours till our dinner time, we went to a mall.

ポールの好きなBest Buyや、私の好きな本屋さん、William Sonoma、Bed Bath and Beyondへ行きました。
We went to Paul’s favorite, Best Buy and to my favorite book store, William Sonoma, Bed Bath and Beyond.

Bed Bath and Beyondでは、かわいいエスプレッソメーカーとおしゃれなやかんを買ってもらいました。
Paul bought me a cute espresso maker and a very nice kettle.

夕食の時間になったので、予約しておいたレストラン、Italian Connectionへ行きました。
Time for dinner! We had a reservation at this restaurant, called Italian Connection.

We had never been there before. It was a very cozy and nice restaurant.

The chef thinks good ingredients are very important and his passion is for real food. (He says “The key to quality is really to get good quality products ready to go just before the public arrives.”) I ordered the chef’s special pasta since his home made pasta is very famous.



Paul had lasagna and I had some red wine, too.

It was such a good pasta. We would love to dine here again.

… so like you can imagine, we had a lot of good food, saw a lot of stuff – we had a great weekend.

Paul was the driver – you are really appreciated and thank you very much for the wonderful weekend!

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  1. Ophelia
    Ophelia says:

    すごい!たのしかっただ、I reckon! (Cool! You had fun, I reckon!) すばらしがぞう。また、このたべものはおいしいのように見えています!(Great pictures. And that food looks delicious!)

    ぶんはただしいですか?(Are my sentences correct?)

    Is this place near where you live or did you have to drive very far?

  2. Hitomi
    Hitomi says:


    たのしかっただ → たのしかった”ん”だ

    すばらしがぞう → すばらし”い”がぞう

    このたべものはおいしいのように見えています! → このたべものは、おいしそう!


    Fort Wayne is right next to where we live, so about 30 minutes drive and you will get to downtown Fort Wayne.

    Jya, mata ne!

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