Hiragana / Katakana Master Plan #17

Today’s characters are ち and チ.

They are pronounced as “chi” – I will record the pronunciation in our next lesson.

ち is Hiragana and チ is Katakana.


Let’s learn how to write ち (2 strokes).
Please take a look at the following picture.


ち has only 2 strokes.

Please get a piece of paper and start practicing!
Look at my writing carefully and copy it. Write it till your hand remembers how to write it.


Ok, now let’s move on to チ (3 strokes).
Please look at the picture below.


Do the same practice as you did with ち.


There, you have already learned 34 characters so far. すごい!(Sugoi!)
Today you will be able to write 7 more words in Japanese. Wow!

うち=house, inside, within
かち=value; worth; merit; win; victory
くち=mouth; orifice; opening

That’s it for today’s lesson. Please practice writing these 2 characters till your hand absolutely remembers them. がんばってね!(Ganbatte ne!)
If you have any questions, please let me know!

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