Fighting space robots: “ROBO-ONE in the Space”

Apparently this company in Japan intends to send robots into space to fight each other.

As the video says “This ROBO-ONE Space Project is real.  It is not a lie.”


I found this article discussing it:  SOURCE
“At the ROBO-ONE competition held in Tokyo in March, organizers announced plans to begin holding its robot competition in space in the year 2010. According to the recently launched “ROBO-ONE in the Space” official website, the project aims to further the progress of robot technology and boost the value of engineers by embracing the coming era of robotics and space. By taking the battles into space, ROBO-ONE hopes to fuel dreams and create an environment that inspires people to become engineers.”

“Battles will be conducted in the space surrounding the ROBO-ONE satellite, which will be in a polar orbit at an altitude of 400 to 600 km. Tokyo will have 10-minute windows of communication with the satellite 4 times per day as it passes overhead. Battles will be conducted during these 10-minute periods.”

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