Major Changes!

Well as you can see, we’ve made some major changes.

Not only is the page layout different, but the site is much more organized.  You can now view posts based on what category it’s in.  Check out the category menu on the left.
We’ve also changed the way the feeds from the site works.  If you check the links section, you’ll see 3 different feeds.  The old feed is now a podcast-only feed.  Meaning, you’ll only get our podcasts and nothing else.  If you want to get Hitomi’s diary, her kana worksheets, or my weird Japan posts, you’ll need to subscribe to either the RSS feed or the Atom feed (depending on your newsreader).

We’d love to hear what you guys think!

Jya mata atode!

Paul yori

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  1. Noah
    Noah says:

    Hey Hitomi and Paul, I am glad that the comments are working now, I was just getting ready to email and tell you guys about it, but you fixed it before I got the chance:) I really like the new site layout, its very nice! Sugoi! I also like how things are organized on here, I think its a lot better. I made a new post on my blog yesterday, I wrote a few simple sentences, I think that its a very fun way to practice sentence forming and working on vocabulary. Well good job on the new site, looking forward to the next lesson! Noah

  2. Joshua s
    Joshua s says:

    I love the new design. It loaded much faster I noticed. I think it helped to take the images off of imageshack and start hosting them locally. Hmmm…as I’m typing I’m noticing that my text is getting hidden on the right side by the links on the side of the page…I’m using IE 6 . I’m on a guest PC, otherwise I’d be using Firefox….:P

  3. lifey
    lifey says:

    I use firefox. For the most part Firefox shows all the coding errors. At school in my Japanese classroom we have and old iMac and it uses IE, :coughs: It looks bad :coughs:…. ^_^:;;;;

  4. Joshua s
    Joshua s says:

    I’m in Firefox now. I can see my own name, and I can also see the names of some people. It’s the people who have a website linked to their name that don’t show up until you roll over them. I think it’s simply a problem of bad color choices. Those names are treated as active links and rendered in a light green that blends right in with the green background. Those names that have no site linked to their names, such as mine, appear in black.

  5. Hitomi
    Hitomi says:

    Looks like people like the new design – よかった!(I am glad to hear that!)
    We are still working on some parts of the site, so you may find some weird area…ごめんね!(Sorry!)
    これからも、Japancastをよろしくね!(Please visit our site often!)

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