Japanese Lesson #1

Welcome to the first ever Japancast.net podcast! Japancast.net offers free Japanese lessons for the anime otaku. Please feel free to email us and let us know what you think and what types of lessons you’d like to hear.

If you are using iTunes and want to subscribe, simple click on the Advanced tab in iTunes and select “Subscribe to Podcast” and then copy and paste in the following URL:


You can also click on that URL for options for other subscription services like NewsGator.


Right click here and select “Save As” for Lesson 1

If you only want to save the lesson locally and do not want to subscribe.

To contact Hitomi-sensei, please email hitomi AT usa-generalstore DOT com (sorry you have to type it in manually – spambots are a real pain)

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  1. lastalas
    lastalas says:

    Please keep the podcasts coming…it is awesome. I have no experience with Japanese beyond hearing it while I read subtitiles. This is a great experience/opportunity for me.

    Any chance you might add a minute or two about culture? It might be just as interesting for us non-Japanese to get a better understanding of some of the background/context for what we see in most anime.

  2. paulrus
    paulrus says:

    Glad to hear it! We may also try to add some shorter lessons during the week. We set up audioblogger so Hitomi can call in and use her cell phone to make posts.

    I’ll ask her to add some cultural stuff to the next lesson.


  3. convictus
    convictus says:

    So I have thought about listening to the Japancast podcast for a while now, and only finally started today. I was wondering if you would consider putting “transcripts” of the lesson’s up?

    Not just the Japanese Characters, but a Phonetic spelling in English. I was trying to take notes, but I had a hard time catching the correct letters and vowels to be able to practice when after the lesson is over.

    For an example look over at may audio and video podcasts are starting to include a transcript, and I just thought I would ask.

    Thanks and I look forward to listening

  4. brokenever
    brokenever says:

    I just found your podcasts today – great so far! It must be enlightening to be married to someone who speaks two languages so well. So… thank you for doing all these! Arigatou gozaimasu. =)

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