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      10 Responses to “Contact”

    1. And just a reminder – if you try Skype and nobody answers, it’s because I’m working on an animation project. Until we set up a dedicated machine for Skype, it’s going to sit on my main production machine – when I’m animating, I shut down all non-essential software.

    2. hi i am new to here… thanks for doing all these

      by the way what is the password for the notes?

    3. Show notes are only available to show supporters. For more infomation, click the link on the right called “Support Japancast!”.

    4. Hello, I’ve been listening to your podcast since around lesson 15 or so. That’s when I found it. I just wanted to say that I have learned a lot and that you guys are wonderful for spending your time on making these podcast lessons.

      As for that no supporter, he’s dumb and should stay quiet. I like that Hitomi repeats the word and I don’t get bored when I’m listening because I really like learning Japanese. But if you do plan on making the podcast a private thing I would very much like to join.

      One more thing, I don’t know it you know this but there is a program you can download to learn one of about 46 languages. is the web site.

      Thank you

    5. Any idear why your video podcasts won’t sync to my iPod Classic? Only manage to get the May 20, 2010 preview episode to sync. The newer episodes don’t come over. Thanks


    6. Ahh, ok, that makes sense. Handbrake to the rescue…yep, watching episode 58 right now on the iPod Classic.

    7. hey paul sensai. this is Ricardo Blot a subscriber of japancast. i tryed to post it on facebook but i don’t where i can post it on your wall so i’m sending an email. i watched your recent video about bleach, fair tail and another. i agree that bleach has too many fillers but i enjoyed the show even though it’s coming to an end soon. fair tail.. i stopped at the 3rd episode about a year ago it wasn’t catching my attention but it’s also a good show. Another i’ve watched about a month ago i really liked that anime. I currently watching Saint Saiya omega and eureka seven AO there really good check them out a tell be what you think also i want to request Death man’s wonderland. if you think Another was scary this one is about 5 time worse it’s an awesome show. Have you watched InuYasha and cowboy bebop those are two of my favorite animes. oh yeah,tell hitomi sensai i said get well. take care paul sensai

    8. hi guys,
      i really like your show ,thank you very much for your audio and video lessons, and for making it available on itunes.
      i have one request: to show the spelling of words mentioned on your video lessons on screen. that will be really usefull.
      thanks again :D

      • Thanks! We’ve covered this in the past. Basically we don’t do any subtitles or characters on screen because that’s a benefit for subscribers only. Subscribers get show-notes, which contains everything we talk about and bonus material. If we ever had a big-enough sponsor we could absolutely put stuff on screen, but for now it’s a special perk for subscribers.