Japancast Update

This weekend, Hitomi became an official Zuumba instructor, so we weren’t able to record a new episode.  However, I thought I’d take a moment to give everyone a heads-up on what we’re working on and where we’re headed.

In order to try to grow Japancast from a hobby to something bigger, we’ve been working on many new things.  As you may have noticed, here at the main site we’ve added several new authors who are sharing their experiences from Japan.

At Japancast University, we’ve been working hard to add lots of unique lessons and other things to help you learn Japanese.  For example, our sentence pattern lessons, where you listen to the conversation and then it’s broken down and you learn to replace words and re-use the sentence patterns:

We also have come out with a “basics” lesson that is useful if you’re traveling to Japan soon and need to quickly pick up phrases:

And if you’re looking for more traditional Japanese, we’ve started recording Japanese children’s stories. (make sure to scroll down – there’s more than one!)

Very soon we’ll be adding additional children’s stories as well as several more conversation lessons, such as:  martial arts conversations, web design conversations and car club conversations.

And then finally, if you are a fan of J-Pop and anime, Hitomi created multi-part lessons for Naruto and Evangelion.  These lessons arrive each day over the course of 7 days.

Our goal is to put out lessons you can’t find at your local book store.  So if there’s something you’ve always wished for, please send us an email and we just might turn it into a lesson!